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Moving Forward with our New Mission Action Plan

At the final parish-wide Mission Action Plan gathering we had the opportunity to reflect on the top idea and priorities gathered in the first three sessions. The ideas generated were divided into three broad categories which differ from the ones we started with.  These categories were: 

  1. Community Engagment
  2. Discipleship
  3. Faith and Worship

If you were unable to attend this key meeting, this is your opportunity to participate. At our fourth meeting we aske each participant to put their name to at least one idea. By attaching their name to an idea they were committing only to attend on more meeting where  the priority will be discussed further and detail of the action plan will emerge. 

By using the form here (or below) you have the opportunity to add your name. Please have a look at the list below and let us know where you would like to help shape the future of our Mission Action Plan.

Community Engagement

Key Priorities 

  1. Greater opportunities for community & parishioner engagement. E.g., more social events, special events and activities, food ministry
  2. Enhance parish/community communications. E.g., newsletter, parish website, social media.
  3. Deepen focus on social justice. E.g., food insecurity, housing, social justice, work with other parishes, community partners, ecumenical and  interfaith partners.
  4. Welcome newcomers and returning parishioners. E.g., Blue mugs, wine & cheese, volunteer recruitment


Key Priorities 

  1. Contact parishioners. E.g., every member visitation, telephone ministry, financial pledging
  2. Youth programming. Eg., Children’s Church ministry, more children, youth plan
  3. Seniors’ ministry. Eg., pastoral care, in-person visiting, lunches, combat loneliness

Faith and Worship

Key Priorities 

  1. Learning groups. Eg., Bible study, other book studies, guest speakers.
  2. Alternative worship services. Eg., monthly creative, or youth-oriented services.
  3. Music ministry. Eg., varied music style events, Jazz vespers for younger families, concerts.