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Greening Ministry

St. Jude's greening ministryWe believe all people are called by God to be stewards of this creation and it is becoming clearer every day that our planet is in need of greater care. The Greening Ministry of St. Jude’s Church gives expression to the fifth “Mark of Mission”, ” To strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth”

The mandate of the Greening Ministry is to:

  • Gather and analyze information about the current uses of energy and materials in the church buildings and grounds. To seek more potentially eco friendly alternatives and consider best practices in use in other locations, in the spirit of getting our own house in order before we reach out into our community.
  • Make recommendations to the Council of Ministries on ways to make our buildings and grounds more eco sustainable by reducing our carbon emissions, use of toxic substances, the production of garbage and by increasing the proportion of renewable energy usage, recycling and composting.
  • Provide helpful information and motivating experiences, including those of worship, to encourage and educate the households and members of the congregation to practice eco sustainable life styles and to be aware of significant environmental issues in the wider world.
  • Raise awareness and promote, with the support of the Council of Ministries, the eco‐sustainability programmes of the Anglican Church of Canada, Ecumenical, Interfaith, Government bodies and Civic organizations.
  • Associate our parish with other environmental organizations in the community and society at large i.e. the national, interfaith “Greening of Sacred Spaces”.

The Co coordinator of this Ministry is elected by vestry for a term of three years and is a voting member of the Parish Council.

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