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Justice & Servant Ministries

Volunteer cooks at the Margaret/Maurice Drive BBQ in summer 2019

A Conversation about Social Justice

The Justice and Service Ministries at St. Jude’s derives its name from the Baptismal Covenant and the Marks of Mission.  The mandate was developed at an all parish workshop in 2010 facilitated by the Reverend Steve Hopkins and adopted by Vestry.

It says we are to “mobilize resources, engage parishioners to focus on …hunger and malnutrition… in Oakville…working in partnership with… community agencies.”

We have partnered with Kerr Street Mission (KSM) to provide fresh cooked dinners twice a month, with Food for Life and Halton Fresh Foods for our weekly food distribution, with Frontline Outreach to set up weekly summer barbeques at Margaret/Maurice Drive and with St. Simons and others for our new Pantry Program.

Our interaction with people in need has broadened our horizon a little to assist them to break the cycle and get to a better place.  We partner with KSM Neighbour Care Network, formerly Restore Halton, and recently a significant grant was approved by Vestry to support Home Sweet Hope an organization which assists single mothers, to find a secure home and the chance to acquire new skills and education to break the cycle they are in.

It would not be wrong of us to feel good about the work that we do together.  It fits with the Servant role and we are feeding the hungry and finding shelter for the homeless, but is there more?  There seems to be a never ending supply of people in need, but is that it? Are there things we could be doing under the Justice mandate which might in some way change the system which produces so much of the need?  Do we have a role to play?

This is what we would like to talk to you about.

On Sunday, June 16th, Deirdre Pike our new Diocesan Social Justice and Outreach Program Consultant, will address all three services.  There will be a written communication which will include a questionnaire.  We hope that you will all take the time to read the material and complete the questionnaire.  Do it at the coffee break or at home , but please try to get it back to us by the following Sunday, either by giving it to one of the clergy or to a member of the Committee, or handing it in to the Office.

The next step following collation of your input will be to set a day for a parish workshop which will be facilitated by Deirdre.

We look forward to your participation.  Thank you.

At St. Jude’s, what used to be called the “Outreach Committee” is now called “Justice and Servant Ministries”.

In general, the goals are to respond to human need with loving service and to seek to transform the unjust structures of society.

To donate to The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund please visit their website 

This picture shows St. Jude’s volunteers in the kitchen at St. Simon’s, preparing meals to be frozen, stored and then distributed to people who are homeless, or unable to cook for themselves, or else lacking  proper kitchen facilities where they live. On January 11, they cooked sausage and lentil soup, about 70 servings. Mike Say and Blair Richardson delivered the soup to Links2Care.

L-R: Sharon Richardson, Sally Bettinson, Bonnie Lovelace and Carol Lowes.

St. Jude’s and the Margaret/Maurice Drive Community – Volunteers Needed!

St. Jude’s has been working with families in the Margaret/Maurice Drive Halton Housing community since September 2011, providing a weekly grocery delivery program – see details below.

Weekly Grocery Program

Every Wednesday our Grocery Delivery team brings food to thirty seven participating families in the Margaret/Maurice Drive neighbourhood. Food For Life supplies the food for this program so we are able to bring fresh produce, meat, and dairy to the families. The time commitment on a Wednesday is 12:30 to 2:30 pm. Volunteers unpack, sort and redistribute the groceries at St. Jude’s and then deliver to Margaret/Maurice Drive.

Please contact the Church office at 905-844-3972 if you are able to volunteer for any Wednesday throughout the year.

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