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Food Ministries

Restore Halton June Newsletter


Working With Our Partners to Help Feed the Hungry

St. Jude’s is sponsoring Thursday evening BBQ’s for Maurice/Margaret Drive residents during July and August. Volunteers are required to help in defined roles such as Chef, Servers, Children’s Program, etc.

Food ministries are run under Justice and Social Ministries (J&SM) Team. For more information, contact us by e-mail.

J&SM Team Mandate

“To mobilize the resources and engage the members of the Parish, focusing these on the problem of hunger/malnutrition amongst families and individuals in Oakville and Itabo, and working in partnership with a few selected community agencies”

Need in our Community

• 39,000 people, or 9% of residents in Halton Region, have low incomes
• Poverty trends deepening: growing gap between cost of living and government income support
• A family of four receiving Ontario Works (welfare) benefits of $1,804 per month faces average rent costs of $1,188 and $700 for food
• “And despite the thoughtful efforts and many promising practices of governments, the private sector, and community organizations, that are helping many Canadians, the system that is intended to lift people out of poverty is substantially broken, often entraps people in poverty and needs an overhaul.”

Why choose Partners?

• Avoids potential duplication
• Strengthens existing agencies
• Joint projects help agency clients, while also offering meaningful roles to parishioners
• Long term relationship and joint management mean continuity
• Strengths of partners and St. Jude’s complementary

St. Jude’s Food Partners

Halton Fresh Food Box Program
• Makes top-quality, fresh food available in a way that is non-stigmatizing to low-income families, that fosters community development and that promotes healthy eating
• Fresh fruits and vegetables are purchased directly from farmers and from local wholesalers, who provide Ontario-grown produce
• Volunteers pack produce into green reusable boxes and deliver boxes to drop sites
• Throughout Halton Region, 32 volunteer drop site coordinators collect payment and then make sure everyone gets their box after it arrives
• Boxes cost $13 or $17, depending on size; contents vary seasonally
• 700 Boxes are delivered once per month to each drop site
• Administrative costs are funded through regional, provincial grants
• Low-income families benefit from receiving subsidized boxes

Kerr Street Ministries (KSM)
• Provides food through the Kerr Street Market Food Bank, serving 5,000 persons each month
• Each person shops in a real market environment, thus preserving self-worth and dignity
• Kerr Street Ministries distributes $100,000 in non-perishable foods each month
• Over 700 meals are provided to clients each week at the Dream Centre
• Clients receive fresh produce from Kerr Street Ministries “Grow Together” community garden and from ministry partners
• $1,500 in food gift certificates are distributed monthly to their clients
• Food security an essential component in Kerr Street Ministries holistic poverty alleviation model, which addresses six causal factors
• Factors are: spiritual poverty, lack of opportunity, lack of choice, physical poverty, lack of security, and lack of education

Food For Life/ReFresh Foods
• Brings fresh, nutritious food that otherwise would be discarded to hungry people in Halton Region, to help them eat and live better
• Collects surplus food every day from grocery stores, restaurants, farms and corporate food producers/distributors
• Delivers daily to 35 community organizations, 33 neighbourhood outreach programs (in Oakville, Burlington, Milton and Georgetown), and to 14 ReFresh Food member agencies
• In 2009/10, distributed food with a total retail value of $3 million to over 22,000 people in need
• Is a registered charity and a United Way member agency

St. Mary the Virgin Church, Cuba
• Parish is in the Episcopal diocese of Cuba
• Located in Itabo, a small town which is a short drive east of Havana, in Matanzas Province
• Parishioners tend a market garden on two hectares of land attached to the Church
• Market garden has banana and orange trees
• Several women prepare communal meals on a daily basis
• St. Jude’s has funded a small animal husbandry project, growing chickens and rabbits for food
• Bishop Griselda’s husband, Geraldo, is in chargeJ&SM Team Process


Help Other People Eat (HOPE)

• New Outreach Program in Maurice/Margaret Drive Area
• Community Meals Program at Kerr Street Ministries
• Summer Drop Site for Fresh Food Box Program
• Community Gardens Program at Kerr Street Ministries
• St. Jude’s Hunger Crew
• Sustainable Agriculture at St. Mary

Outreach Program in Maurice/Margaret Drive Area

• Project is to establish a Hunger Outreach Program, led by a team of St. Jude’s volunteers
• Objective is to obtain food weekly from Food for Life and ReFresh Foods and monthly from the Halton Fresh Food Box Program (10 boxes)
• Each week, volunteers will receive, sort, divide up and deliver the food to about 30 families in this neighbourhood
• Priority for families where adults have mobility difficulties and thus can’t access food easily
• Volunteers will strive to provide a nutritionally-balanced array of food
• Volunteers may obtain funds to purchase food (eggs, dairy) and seasonal items (Christmas)

Community Meals Program at Kerr Street Ministries

• Project is to prepare and serve a monthly dinner to 75-100 Kerr Street Ministries clients, utilizing food from Food for Life and ReFresh Foods and from the Kerr Street Market Food Bank
• Volunteers will also dine with their clients, fostering understanding and fellowship
• Volunteer team leaders will liaise with Kerr Street Ministries, plan menu, order/obtain food, schedule volunteers and oversee meal preparation and clean-up
• Kerr Street Ministries will invite their clients to the dinners
• A community kitchen program may alternate with the monthly dinner, enabling their clients to prepare and freeze several nutritious meals in their kitchen, for serving later at home

Summer Drop Site for Fresh Food Box Program

• Project is to find a suitable location in Oakville and to operate a summer drop site (July and August) for the Halton Fresh Food Box Program
• A team of St. Jude’s volunteers will receive the boxes of produce, collect payments and orders for the following month, distribute the boxes and collect empty boxes for pick up
• Volunteers will contribute about two hours’ time per month
• Volunteer drop site coordinator will contribute about four hours per month, including scheduling the team of volunteers

Community Gardens Program at Kerr Street Ministries

• Kerr Street Ministries has started a “Grow Together” program, where volunteers grow produce on five acres of land (made available by the Burloak Christian Fellowship), located north of Oakville
• a group of St. Jude’s volunteers will join the gardeners in planting, tending and harvesting vegetables
• Produce from their community garden will be donated to the Kerr Street Market Food Bank
• One or more volunteers from St. Jude’s will be invited to join the “Grow Together” Steering Committee
• This program may expand in future to include other garden plots in Oakville

St. Jude’s Hunger Crew

• Project is to enrol downtown Oakville restaurants in a weekly donation of edible, surplus food
• Project fits with Downtown BIA “Green Program”
• 30 potential restaurant participants
• Volunteers will follow a schedule of late-day pick-ups, transporting refrigerated food to Food for Life depot on Kerr Street
• Food stored overnight in freezers and coolers
• Food distributed next day to community agencies and outreach programs by Food For Life staff and volunteers

Sustainable Agriculture at St. Mary

• Initially, the project is to organize an adult parishioners’ trip to Cuba in November, 2011
• To explore with St. Mary’s congregation how we might become involved in a joint sustainable agriculture project
• And to work in the market gardens

How You can Get Involved

• Learn more about the projects, via St. Jude’s web site and bulletin board
• Send email to ask questions about volunteering or to sign up: foodministry -at- stjudeschurch -dot- net
• You can tailor your involvement in a project, based upon your own interests, schedule and availability

WE NEED YOU as a volunteer!

Isaiah 58:6-8

Is not this the fast that I choose:
To loose the bonds of injustice,
To undo the thongs of the yoke,
To let the oppressed go free,
And to break every yoke?
Is it not to share your bread with the hungry,
And bring the homeless poor into your house;
When you see the naked, to cover them,
And not to hide yourself from your own kin?
Then your light shall break forth like the dawn,
And your healing shall spring up quickly;

Anglican Diocese of Niagara Anglican Church of Canada Archbishop of Canterbury